Titanium Mesh Material

At Deze, our first concern is product quality. It is why we use high-quality manufacturing material for the production of Titanium meshes and Titanium mesh products. Our priority is to employ pure Titanium. However, there are some products whose manufacturing isn’t compatible with pure Titanium. For such products, we use premium grades of Titanium, such as,

  • GR1
  • GR2
  • TA1
  • TA2
  • Other high-quality Titanium alloys

Other than pure and alloyed metal, the color of Titanium also varies. We use black and white Titanium. The only difference between these two types is their pre-treatment. However, both these material types are non-toxic and high-quality.

Features of Titanium Mesh

We focus on Titanium meshes because of the exceptional features it has to offer. In the coming years, Titanium meshes would become an ideal choice for industrial operations. 

It is because of the following two prime features of Titanium mesh,

  • It is corrosion-resistant, which is the highest strength of Titanium mesh.
  • It is exceptionally lightweight because of its significant strength-to-weight ratio.

Applications of Titanium Mesh

Because of its versatile and sturdy nature, Titanium mesh finds extensive uses in numerous industries. 

Primarily, Titanium mesh is serviceable in,

  • Aerospace & Military Operations
  • Chemical industry
  • Petroleum industry
  • Desalination projects
  • For papermaking
  • In the agriculture, food, and medicine industry
  • For car manufacturing

Titanium Mesh Products

Titanium mesh has an exceptionally resistant nature against corrosion. It is not corroded by dilute sulfuric acid, dilute hydrochloric acid, chlorine, chlorine solutions, and many other organic acids. 

Similarly, it shows a stable reaction towards the water, air, and high temperatures. It is because Titanium forms a protective oxide layer that protects it from corrosion.

Because of these characteristics, we can manufacture an extensive range of products from Titanium mesh, such as Titanium expanded mesh, Titanium perforated mesh, Titanium mesh baskets, Titanium wedge wire filters, etc.

As the demands and preferences of industries have changed, Titanium mesh is being used in different ways. Deze produces all types of Titanium mesh and Titanium mesh products to cater to its customer’s needs. 

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