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Titanium wedge wire filters

Titanium wedge wire filters

Titanium wedge wire filters are our corrosion-resistant, anti-vibration, highly elastic, and sturdy product. They have a trapezoidal wire section and a narrow though wide gap. It is why Titanium wedge wire filters exhibit exceptional filtration characteristics.

These filters have stable welding quality, a smooth screen, and long service life of more than 30 years, and high-quality Titanium grades are used for its production. The high tensile strength leads to enhanced mechanical strength. It is why Titanium wedge wire filters are capable of industrial use.

Titanium wedge wire filters are suitable for numerous industries, such as oil, gas, food, chemical, paper, and architectural industries. Furthermore, these filters are also helpful for water treatment. 

Aside from manufacturing other Titanium and Titanium mesh products, Deze also produces Titanium wedge wire filters. We are well aware of its diversified application. It is why we fabricate it with extra care. We pay attention to intricate details and make sure our customers are getting what they need.

Titanium wedge wire filters are available in different configurations. 

Titanium Wedge Wire Filters

Titanium Wedge Wire Filters

Titanium Wedge Wire Filters

Tapered Titanium Wedge Wire Filters

Titanium Wedge Wire Filters

Round Titanium Wedge Wire Filters in Bulk

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Manufacturing Process

Metallurgists first extracted Titanium by the Kroll process. Then they proceed to the reduction of Titanium down to sponge. After that, it is time to fabricate them into different shapes. They process their ore into Titanium sheets, Titanium wedge wire filters, Titanium mesh, and Titanium foil/rod.

After shaping, manufacturers may put it through secondary processing. Secondary processing includes pickling, blasting, laser cutting, and anodizing. Manufacturers alloy Titanium with other metals to enhance its quality.

Alloys used for this purpose may vary. It depends on its applications in different industries. Craft Brewery beer tanks require different alloys than oil and gas industries.

Titanium wedge wire filters are made up of support bars and V-shaped surface wires. The surface wires are wedge-shaped, and it is where it gets its name. Support bars are usually triangular, wedge, flat, or round wire. DEZE can provide you with high-quality Titanium wedge wire filters.

What Do We Have To Offer?

We can make various filter screen products and offer services to several industries. Our Titanium wedge wire filters do not deform because of our advanced metal processing technology. 

Deze has an expert team with decades of screening industry experience. Our Titanium wedge wire filters can provide you with high filtration efficiency. 

Its filtration process is not affected by the clogging of the filter layer. It provides you with a stable flow. You don’t have to disassemble the pressure vessel for its cleaning. Our Titanium wedge wire filters are effortlessly cleanable.

Titanium wedge wire filters are produced in standard sizes of each industry. As for industrial applications, the particular size of the opening determines the size of the particle, which you want to filter. 

Deze can also customize it on the client’s demand. We can design its shape and flow direction according to customer requirements. Keeping it aside, we can also customize the elements of Titanium wedge wire filters like titanium filter tubes and titanium filter baskets. 

Deze can produce Titanium wedge wire filters with the following specifications,

  • Smallest slot – 15 microns 
  • Negative tolerance – 5 microns 
  • Length is 2300 mm (and maximum length is 1200mm) 
  • The minimum diameter is 25.4mm
  • Materials used are – pure grades TA1, TA2, GR1, GR2, and alloys Monel alloy, Hastelloy, and nickel-based alloys

Deze can provide you with high-end packaging in wooden cases or boxes lined with waterproof material. 

Deze is dedicated to producing high-quality Titanium wedge wire filters as we follow strict standards for selecting raw material. Our highest goal is to live your trust and to become a successful supplier by providing the highest quality product and service to our clients.

Types of Titanium Wedge Wire Filters

Titanium wedge wire filters include many types, such as tapered filters, circular wedge wire filters and cylindrical wedge wire filters. A few of them are below,

1. Tapered Filters

The tapered filter is also known as the Hedrick Hydraulic filter. It is used in the fluid filtration industry. 

It is helpful in the purification of solid particles and liquid oil. Its general filtration accuracy is about 0.05 mm, 0.15 mm. Its slot size ranges from 20 microns to 3000 microns.

A tapered filter tube is the most suitable filter element for many automatic filters. Some automatic filters include scraper self-cleaning, sucking self-cleaning filters, and automatic backwashing. It is mostly used in the beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

2. Round Filters

Its slot size ranges from 20 microns to 3000 microns. Its tolerance is -5 microns.

Round wedge wire filters find applications in syrup, beverages, soy sauce, dairy products, and the pharmaceutical industry. This filter tube is used in similar liquid candle diatomite filters, wine filters, liquor filters, rice wine filters machines, and other equipment.

3. Cylindrical Wedge Wire Filters

Cylindrical wedge wire filters are composed of Titanium support mesh and Titanium mesh and are known as sintered cylindrical filters. It has high resistance against temperature, pressure, and corrosion. Not only that, but it has high porosity with high dirt holding capacity due to its stable pore shapes. 

It consists of five layers – the control layer, dispersion layer, protective layer, and two reinforced meshes. Its filtration rating ranges from 0.5 microns to 200 microns. Its working temperature is -200 to 600˚c. 

Their standard thickness is about 1.7 mm. It provides high mechanical strength along with excellent pressure resistance. As compared to other filters, it will not block. It is washable, especially backwash, and has a long service life.

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What Makes Titanium Wedge Wire Filters so Special?

It is widely used in oil filtration, fuel and hydraulic filtration, gas-liquid filtration. It is also serviceable in many medical devices, water treatment, and cross-flow filtration.

Different variations of slot size, wire, and rod sizes are the reason behind its preference. A vast range of rod shapes and wires is used to achieve filtration efficiency, optimum balance, open area, and abrasion resistance.

Advantages of Titanium Wedge Wire Filters

  • Titanium wedge wire filtersare Non-clogging. You can produce them in various sizes, shapes, and profile depths.
  • They are highly corrosion resistant to high temperatures and other chemicals. It makes Titanium wedge wire filtersbetter than others.
  • The maintenance of Titanium wedge wire filtersis quick and easy. Besides, you can also maintain them in industries without manual intervention, which is a great advantage. 
  • Titanium wedge wire filtershave accurate and precise slot sizes. Deze can also customize them according to customer’s requirements.
  • It offers high mechanical strength and pressure to withstand it.
  • The structured pattern of Titanium wedge wire filtersallows efficient flow, resulting in high yield.
  • Titanium wedge wire filtershave Low operation costs and maintenance costs.
  • They are easily installable and long-term operating.

Analysis of Titanium Wedge Wire Filters

Titanium wedge wire filters portray the exceptional properties of their manufacturing material. All the rudimentary characteristics of Titanium are present in these filters. You can acknowledge it from a detailed analysis. 

1 Corrosion-resistance

Titanium wedge wire filters have excellent corrosion resistance properties. When it combines with oxygen, dense oxide layer formation occurs. This thin oxide coating prevents it from corrosion by HCL, Nitric acid, and dilute alkaline solutions.

Titanium wedge wire filters also show resistance to high temperatures. It is also because of the resistive nature of Titanium. Titanium has good heat resistance and strength, and it is why it features fracture toughness. 

2 Plasticity

The plasticity of Titanium wedge wire filters is directly related to the purity of Titanium. If you use high-quality pure Titanium, the shaping of Titanium wedge wire filters becomes uncomplicated, and vice versa. 

In simpler words, the higher the purity of Titanium, the greater will be plasticity. (or what you know as malleability)

3 Durability

Titanium wedge wire filters have high strength and durability. It is because of the high tensile strength of Titanium, which is 180 kg/mm2. 

Steels may have higher strength than pure Titanium. However, the tensile strength to density ratio (commonly known as the specific strength) of pure Titanium and Titanium alloys is high compared to numerous other metals.

4 Maintenance-friendly

Titanium wedge wire filters are maintenance-friendly products. Also, the removal of clogging is effortless. You can replace these filters when the obstruction spreads to the region of 5 to 10-micrometers. It occurs due to the backwashing effect. It reduces the requirement of maintenance and makes it user-friendly.

5 Versatility

Due to various properties of Titanium like excellent corrosion resistance, smooth surfaces, even gaps, open areas, Titanium wedge wire filters are used in many industries, especially oil, gas, chemical, mining, food, and paper industries. 

The design and versatility of Titanium wedge wire filters make them an ideal product for the fluid treatment industry. The coefficient of thermal expansion is half of the copper and stainless steel. It is why it is highly compatible with them.

Some other substantial characteristics features of Titanium wedge wire filters are,

  • High precision
  • High Welding strength
  • Smooth surface
  • Uniform gap
  • High Screening effectiveness
  • High strength parameter
  • Broad flexibility in design
  • Recoil cleaning and easy to operate
  • Stable quality
  • Backwash regenerating ability

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Applications of Titanium Wedge Wire Filters

Titanium wedge wire filters have applications in many industries. Some of them are below:

· Oil and gas industry

Titanium wedge wire filters are applicable for the production of lubricants and fuels. And also in catalytic reactors, desulfurization processes, Protection of fittings, and drying of natural gas.

· Filtration

Titanium wedge wire filters are used for filtration. They are helpful in automatic backwashing, blade self-cleaning, scrap self-cleaning, and suction-type self-cleaning. They are considered the optimal filter elements and find application in various filtration operations.

· Chemical industry

Its prime usage in the chemical industry is for the purification of potassium and phosphate. Manufacturers also used Titanium wedge wire filters for industrial processing of polymers, chemicals, paints, and coatings.

· Food industry

Titanium wedge wire filters are used for adsorption, drying, sorting, extraction, and fluidized beds.

· Water treatment

Titanium wedge wire filters are also used for wastewater treatment, industrial water treatment, drinking water treatment, seawater desalination, irrigation. Besides, they are helpful in the working of deep pumps and dive water pumps.

· Paper and cellulose industry

Titanium wedge wire filters are used in coating, de-watering, blending, and refining processes.

Mineral sources and exploitation of energy

Titanium wedge wire filters are suitable for water exploitation, extraction of natural gases, oil extraction, and recycling.

· Architectural application

Titanium wedge wire filters are also helpful for drilling floor gratings, machine coolant filtration for water intake, petrochemical industries for sizing, plastic extrusion in the drying process, and construction in centrifuges.

Titanium is immune to extreme environmental changes and has a long lifespan as compared to other architectural metals. So it is also used as a fish diversion screen. The prime purpose of it is to protect fish from pumps and hydroelectric turbines. It also prevents the migration of fish into canals and irrigation channels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Titanium wedge wire filters?

Titanium wedge wire filters are filters manufactured from V-shaped surface wire and support strips. They are available in different configurations. Also, these filters have a lot of applications. 

What is the size of Titanium wedge wire filters?

The diameter of Titanium wedge wire filters exists between the range of 100 micrometers to 3000 micrometers. Their length can also vary. Deze can also customize it for you.

What are the advantages of Titanium wedge wire filters?

Titanium wedge wire filters are food-hygiene certified, stable, and durable, corrosion-resistant, anti-vibration, and high temperature resistant. Furthermore, these filters have fracture toughness, high efficiency, and low running cost.

Are Titanium wedge wire filters customizable?

Yes! Deze offers numerous options to its customers. We can also customize it for you based on drawings if you provide us any. 

Do Titanium wedge wire filters corrode?

No. Titanium wedge wire filters form a thin, dense, protective oxide layer on exposure to corrosion-causing agents.

Which grades of Titanium are used for the manufacture of Titanium wedge wire filters?

Pure Titanium of grades TA1, TA2, GR1, and GR2 is used for its manufacture. We also use high-quality alloys. 

Are Titanium wedge wire filters durable?

Yes. Because of the high tensile strength of Titanium, Titanium wedge wire filters are durable and sturdy. 

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