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Titanium Perforated Mesh

   Titanium Perforated Mesh of Different Hole Shapes

Titanium perforated mesh is the most versatile mesh among all other Titanium meshes. It is also known as Titanium punched metal. You can get it in numerous different holes sizes, shapes, and configurations. Metal sheets of Titanium perforated mesh can be thick or thin; you can choose the best one according to your requirement. 

You can use Titanium perforated mesh for various architectural, commercial, industrial, and decorative purposes. It is also helpful for filtration, pollution-controlling products, and the food processing industry.

At Deze, we proffer Titanium perforated mesh of top-notch quality. We can also customize this mesh based on the drawings that you provide us. Our premium raw materials and advanced manufacturing technologies make us reliable for our customers.

Manufacturing Process of Titanium Perforated Mesh

Titanium perforated mesh is commonly composed of pure Titanium plates/sheets which are evenly punched. A Round-hole Titanium mesh plate is used for its manufacture. Its primary materials consist of pure Titanium material and Titanium alloy.

Titanium perforated mesh is the most versatile and in demand. A few steps involved in the manufacturing process of Titanium include extraction, reduction, shaping, product fabrication, and then secondary processing. 

To enhance its quality, manufacturers alloy Titanium with other metals. Then comes the perforation process, which requires careful attention. Tooling for required patterns, programming for the distance between holes, and specified material purchase; all need to be done before punching holes.

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What do we have to offer?

Deze provides you with varying shapes and ranges of holes and patterns, offering an aesthetic appeal.

Product Specifications

We can produce Titanium perforated mesh in extensive designs ranging from simple to complex configurations like a diamond hole, semi-circular, oval, round, rectangular, slotted, hexagonal, square, and decorative perforated holes, according to our client’s requirements. We keep more than 200 molds to match client requirements. 

Titanium perforated mesh specifications range from :

  • Aperture – 0.5mm to 50mm
  • Width – 10mm to 2400mm
  • Length – Greater than equal to 10mm
  • Packaging – we offer secure packaging of two layers, including wooden box packaging and a waterproof compartment.

Our design punching tool is suitable for many architectural and embellishing uses. Titanium perforated mesh has the advantage of good flatness, high strength, lightweight and excellent corrosion resistance, short production cycle, and high dimensional accuracy.

DEZE can provide you customized Titanium perforated mesh with high quality and high efficiency. We are determined to offer high-quality Titanium perforated mesh at a reasonable price. We have extensive experience in manufacturing Titanium perforated mesh.

Our qualified support is here to serve you 24/7, and our highest goal is to achieve the satisfaction of our customers.

Types of Titanium Perforated Mesh

There are various types of Titanium perforated mesh depending on their hole sizes and shapes. Also, Titanium perforated mesh has multiple types according to their applications. 

Few forms of Titanium perforated mesh based on the shape of holes are as follows.

  • Diamond hole 
  • Square hole 
  • Semi-circular hole
  • Rectangular opening perforated hole 
  • Round and oval-shaped holes. 

These holes provide an uninterrupted flow of air, liquid, and light.

1. Diamond Hole Titanium Perforated Mesh

Diamond-hole Titanium perforated mesh has diamond-shaped holes punched in it. It allows the passage of light, air, and sound providing, a carved and fancy look. It is highly corrosion-resistant. It is easily installable and has a captivating appearance.

2. Round Hole Titanium Perforated Mesh

This Titanium perforated mesh is formed by punching round holes. It is mainly used in filter fitting. It is the most commonly used Titanium perforated mesh

Straight rows of holes are made in this Titanium Perforated mesh. It has many applications in fluid screening, grinding seeds, and spices. It is highly economical.

3. Square Titanium Perforated mesh

The mechanical punching of square-shaped holes forms this type of Titanium perforated mesh. It is available in a wide range of hole sizes. Also, we can customize it according to customer’s demands.

It has many industrial and filtration applications. It is durable and has a long service life.

4. Rectangular Titanium Perforated mesh

This Titanium perforated mesh is formed by punching holes in a rectangular pattern, offering an aesthetic appeal. It has a flat surface and has a high strength-to-weight ratio. It is mainly used in cement factories, drying machines, mining, furniture, shaker machines, and many architectural applications.

5. Semi Circular Titanium Perforated Mesh

This Titanium perforated mesh is formed by mechanical punching of semi-circular-shaped holes. They have accurate openings. It is used to prevent high noise at the highway, railway stations, and subway stations. It has many applications in decoration, architecture, feed distributors, trammel screens, and filters.

Titanium Perforated Mesh

Titanium Perforated Mesh with Diamond Holes

Titanium Perforated Mesh

Titanium Perforated Mesh with Rectangular Holes

Titanium Perforated Mesh

Titanium Perforated Mesh with Round Holes

Titanium Perforated Mesh

Titanium Perforated Mesh with Semi-Circular Holes

Titanium Perforated Mesh

Titanium Perforated Mesh with Square Holes

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What Makes Titanium Perforated Mesh Unique?

There are several reasons why Titanium perforated mesh is unique as compared to other Titanium meshes. Here are the advantages and analyses of this mesh.

Advantages of Titanium Perforated Mesh

  • Although the initial purchase of round–hole Titanium perforated mesh cost is higher, the service life of titanium perforated mesh is much larger than stainless steel perforated mesh. 
  • Titanium perforated meshhas a high strength-to-weight ratio as it is 40% lighter than steel. Due to its low weight and high strength, it made it useful in many applications. 
  • As discussed earlier, Titanium perforated meshhas a high corrosion resistance ability due to oxide layer formation on its surface. That’s why Titanium products often look brand new even after years. It has a low weight and bright finish. 
  • These exceptional characteristics have a wide range of applications like chemical processing, power generation equipment, air craft, sporty equipment, etc.

Analysis of Titanium Perforated Mesh

1 Corrosion Resistance

As mentioned above, Titanium perforated mesh has excellent corrosion resistance properties. It offers resistance to a wide variety of environments compared to other structural metals. They also remain passive under reducing conditions.

Titanium’s corrosion resistance is due to the formation of an oxide film. This oxide film forms as soon as it exposes to air. It is about 12 to 16 angstrom thick. This oxide film is very stable and can attach to few substances.

2 Versatility

Due to the multiple properties of Titanium like corrosion resistance, lightweight, stress resistance, its wide variety of holes, high strength to weight ratio, and open area, Titanium perforated mesh is helpful in many applications like security, panel, machine guards, etc.

3 Adaptability

Titanium perforated mesh is highly adaptable to many environmental conditions due to its highly corrosive-resistant nature. To create materials with hybrid qualities, manufacturers frequently alloy Titanium with other metals to increase its rates. 

Titanium alloys range from 1 to 38 by ASTM (American society). At Deze, we use high-quality Titanium alloys and pure Titanium for the manufacture of Titanium perforated mesh. 

4 Extensive Range of Products

Titanium perforated mesh is available in a wide variety of hole sizes, shapes, and types of material. The diameter of the hole ranges from a few inches to more than 3 inches. It is punched in fabric as thin as foil or as thick as a steel plate. However, it depends on requirements and uses.

5 Malleable

Titanium is a vital element that is malleable, especially in an anaerobic environment. Titanium itself is a highly corrosion-resistant and robust metal. Still, it has greater malleability and flexibility when combines with other metals, although, it retains the corrosion resistance and its strength. 

Titanium is the best choice when flexibility is required. Titanium alloys are more potent than pure Titanium due to their malleability, stiffness, and many other characteristics.

6 Mechanical properties

You can manifest few mechanical properties of Titanium perforated mesh through these features of Titanium alloys,

  • According to the Brinell scale, its hardness is 120
  • Its ultimate tensile strain is about 240 MPa
  • Its yield tensile strain ranges from 170 MPa to 310 MPa
  • Its reduction of area is 35%
  • Its modulus of elasticity is 105 GPa
  • Its sheer modulus is 45 GPa
  • Its compressive modulus is 110 GPa
  • Its elongation at break is 24 %
  • Its Poisson’s ratio is about 0.37
  • Its charpy impact is 310 J

All values of mechanical properties given above are according to the metric system.

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Applications of Titanium Perforated Mesh

DEZE offers a wide range of perforations patterns and perforated screens. It is to support the extensive range of applications of Titanium perforated mesh. A few uses of this mesh are as follows,

Ø Biomedical Industry

Titanium is considered the most biocompatible metal. That is why Titanium perforated mesh is widely used for implants, surgical devices, joint and hip replacements.

Ø Aerospace Industry

Titanium perforated mesh is helpful in air filters, jet engines, fuel and oil filters, aircraft, space stations, nacelles.

Ø Oil and Gas Industry

You can also employ Titanium perforated mesh as a coolant in condenser tubes of the oil refineries.

Ø In Appliances

Many appliances industries use Titanium perforated mesh. Few applications are as follows,

  • Flame arrestors
  • Dishwasher strainer 
  • Microwave screens 
  • Water heaters 
  • Heat pumps

Ø Architectural Industries

Titanium perforated mesh has various applications in architectural decorations like suspended ceilings, stairs, curtain walls, shades, floors, window protection.

Ø Automotive Industry

In the automotive sector, Titanium perforated mesh comprises parts of the exhaust system, diffusers, speakers, oil filters, and silencer tubes.

Ø Chemical Industry

Titanium perforated mesh is used in centrifugation, filters, and perforated cathodes in the chemical industry.

Ø Filtration Industry

The infiltration industry uses Titanium perforated mesh in filter tubes, dewatering filters, and strainers for air and gas fluids.

Ø Food Processing Industries

Titanium perforated mesh is used in sieves, trays, pans, and extruders in the food processing industry.

Ø Pollution Control Projects

Titanium perforated mesh is suitable for use in filters and separators. It is why you can employ this mesh in pollution control projects. 

Ø Power Generation Industry

Titanium perforated mesh is suitable for the manufacture of intake and exhaust manifold silencers in the power generation industry. 

Ø For Security Purposes

Titanium perforated mesh is widely used in the security industry for manufacturing ceilings, screens, walls, and doors.

Titanium Perforated Mesh

Titanium Perforated Mesh Being Used In Industry 

Titanium Perforated Mesh

Titanium Perforated Mesh Baskets

Titanium Perforated Mesh

Titanium Perforated Mesh Tubes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Titanium perforated mesh?

Titanium perforated mesh is a versatile mesh product. It is a thin/thick metal sheet of Titanium having holes of different shapes, such as round holes, square holes, diamond holes, etc. Titanium perforated mesh is the most popular type of Titanium meshes.

What is the size of Titanium perforated mesh?

The size of the Titanium perforated mesh is measured through several different dimensions, including aperture, width, and length. You can get standard size meshes from manufacturers, or you can also get them customized.

At Deze, we offer an aperture size of 0.5-50mm, a width of 10-2400mm, and a length greater than equal to 10mm.

What are the advantages of Titanium perforated mesh?

Titanium perforated mesh is corrosion-resistant and has high tensile strength. Its robust structure is a great advantage for many industrial operations. It looks bright and is light in weight. Titanium perforated mesh features good flatness and a short production cycle.

Is Titanium perforated mesh helpful for the heavy industry?

Yes, Titanium perforated mesh is helpful for heavy industry. Because of its sturdy nature, it can be employed in several different industrial projects. You can use it in the food processing industry, automotive industry, and filtration industries. Besides, it also finds uses in gas and oil refineries. 

Is Titanium perforated mesh Customizable?

Yes, Titanium perforated mesh is customizable. It is malleable and flexible, which allows you to mold it into any desired shape. Also, it is the reason that Titanium perforated mesh is suitable for an extensive range of applications. 

At Deze, you can get customized Titanium perforated mesh simply by providing a drawing. 

Which type of Titanium is used for the manufacture of Titanium perforated mesh?

You can use both Titanium alloys and pure Titanium for the manufacture of Titanium perforated mesh. However, the use of pure Titanium is encouraged. 

At Deze, we use premium quality pure Titanium, including TA1, TA2, GR1, and GR2.besides, the alloys that we use are also exceptional.

What are the different types of Titanium perforated mesh?

Titanium perforated mesh is divided into discrete types based on the shapes of the holes. Primarily these types include a diamond hole, square hole, semi-circular hole, Rectangular hole, and round hole meshes. 

How Titanium perforated mesh is manufactured?

Titanium perforated mesh is manufactured by mechanical punching of Titanium mesh plate. A particular pattern of holes is programmed on a round-hole Titanium mesh plate through this process. And, consequently, Titanium perforated mesh is produced. 

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