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Titanium mesh basket

Different Types of Titanium mesh baskets

Titanium mesh baskets are sturdy, durable, and versatile baskets made up of Titanium mesh. The functionality of these baskets allows them to work in both gaseous and liquid environments.

They have excellent corrosion resistance, long service life, extended replacement durations, and exceptional stability. Titanium mesh baskets are a cost-effective product, which is beneficial as compared to many other metal meshes.

Titanium mesh baskets are suitable for numerous applications, such as seawater filtration, marine industry, and desalination plants. Besides, you can also use Titanium mesh baskets for sieving in petroleum and chemical industries. It is also beneficial in building different parts of ships. 

At Deze, we offer premium Titanium meshes and products. Titanium mesh baskets are one of the most functional Titanium products. We proffer top-notch Titanium mesh baskets made with advanced technology and high-quality raw materials. 

Titanium mesh baskets are available in shapes, such as cylindrical, rectangular, etc. Furthermore, it is available in two surface types, black and white.

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Manufacturing Process of Titanium mesh baskets

Titanium mesh basket

Baskets made by titanium material

For the manufacture of Titanium mesh baskets, we use premium Titanium mesh. So the first step in the manufacturing process is the production of the Titanium mesh. Deze has extensive experience in the production of all types of Titanium meshes. It is why the process becomes effortless.

Once Titanium mesh is prepared, we mold it into a basket. You can shape this mesh into your desired configuration. It is why you can find a variety of Titanium mesh baskets, such as cylindrical mesh baskets, rectangular mesh baskets, etc. 

In the production process of Titanium mesh baskets, we also use support mesh. As the name shows, it increases the support of the basket and provides strength. 

What Do We Have To Offer?

Deze is the hub of Titanium mesh production and products made of Titanium mesh. We never compromise on quality. And our primary concern is to proffer quality and variety to our customers. Through our dedicated support, we make sure our customers are satisfied. 

At Deze, we manufacture Titanium mesh baskets with the following specifications,


Our Titanium mesh baskets come in numerous shapes. We proffer cylindrical, rectangular, square, and several other configurations. 


The diameter of the basket is measured to get an idea about the size of the basket. At Deze, we offer an extensive range of diameters which signifies the variety of our products. 

The diameter of our Titanium mesh baskets falls between φ 100mm – 3000mm. 


We use premium raw materials to ensure high-quality products. For Titanium mesh baskets, we use two types of raw materials,

  • Pure Titanium – usually we use grades TA1, TA2, GR1, and GR2
  • Titanium Alloys

Defensive Packaging

Deze provides quality service. If you are opting for our products, we will guarantee the secure delivery of your order. We wrap your order in several protective layers before shipping it. 


Deze has OEM services for its customers. Firstly, our extensive product range would surely satisfy your purpose. If you are unable to find your desired product, we can customize it for you. All you have to do is to provide us with drawings, or you can contact our experts. 

Our customers can also customize Titanium mesh baskets. If you want Titanium mesh baskets of a particular shape or diameter, Deze can personalize them for you.

Types of Titanium mesh baskets

Titanium mesh baskets are of several discrete types

Titanium mesh baskets

  Cylindrical Titanium mesh baskets

Titanium mesh baskets

Black Titanium mesh baskets

Titanium mesh baskets

White Titanium mesh baskets

Titanium mesh baskets

Rectangular Titanium mesh baskets

Titanium mesh baskets

Round Titanium mesh baskets

Based On the Surface Type

Titanium mesh baskets are of two types on the basis of their surface type.

Black Titanium mesh baskets

Black Titanium mesh baskets have black surfaces as they are made from black Titanium woven wire mesh. 

These baskets are used for filtration. However, they are helpful only if the environment isn’t high filtering.

White Titanium mesh baskets

White Titanium mesh baskets have bright surfaces as they are made from bright Titanium woven wire mesh. 

These baskets are also used for filtration purposes. Furthermore, they also act as a catalyst in the filtration process. 

Based On the Shape

Titanium mesh baskets are available in different shapes. You can choose among the designs available, or you can also customize it according to your project. These baskets are available in forms like,

  • Cylindrical
  • Square 
  • Rectangular
  • Round, etc.

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What Makes Titanium mesh baskets so Special?

Titanium mesh baskets are just another Titanium mesh product. Before buying it, you need to do what is unique about it. Understanding its functionality will help you employ it in a better way. 

Let us analyze Titanium mesh baskets from numerous aspects,

1 Cost-effective

Titanium mesh baskets are one of the most cost-effective products compared to other Titanium products. It might be expensive, especially in contrast to the stainless steel mesh baskets. The one-time investment for stainless steel baskets is much less than Titanium mesh baskets.

However, in the long term, Titanium mesh baskets prove economical. They have a long service life and extended replacement durations. Both these factors make it inexpensive for industrial use. 

2 Durable

Titanium mesh baskets are durable because of their exceptional strength and flexible nature. They can bear a much harsher environment than any other metal basket. The high strength to weight ratio of Titanium is the reason behind its heavy-duty performance.

When industries are looking for commercial goods, their foremost concern is durability. It is because industries can’t change gadgets every day. The extensive replacement spans of Titanium mesh baskets prove it to be an ultimate choice for the manufacturers.

3 Corrosion-resistant

Titanium mesh baskets show substantial resistance to corrosion and corrosion-causing agents. Highly corrosive environments increase its resistance. 

  • In Air

As soon as it is exposed to air and the corrosion-causing agents, it develops a protective oxide layer that protects its surface from damage.

It is the reason Titanium meshes and products are preferred over other metals. 

  • In Water

Oxygen, which is the prime corrosion-causing agent, is present in water. Besides, other agents like humidity and stress can also be found in water. 

However, as mentioned above, the corrosive the environment, the more resistant it is to corrosion. It is why Titanium mesh baskets are widely used for seawater filtration. 

4 Diverse and Customizable

Titanium mesh baskets are diverse, and they can be found in a variety of configurations. You can alter their shape. Also, you can modify their size. Besides, you can also change the design of the mesh that is used to manufacture them. To sum up, you can obtain Titanium mesh baskets in numerous forms.

The diverse structure of Titanium mesh baskets also makes them customizable. You can personalize it according to your needs, which further adds to its variety. 

5 High Strength

Titanium mesh baskets are light in weight, yet they have exceptional strength. It is because of the high strength to weight ratio of their building materials. 

The robustness of Titanium mesh baskets is the reason they are suitable for industrial purposes. They can help you carry out heavy-duty projects effortlessly. 

6 Versatility

Titanium mesh baskets are a versatile Titanium mesh product. They are helpful in numerous operations. From the shipbuilding industry to the sieving of salt, Titanium mesh baskets serve many purposes. 

Besides, their varied structure makes them suitable for diversified causes. Whatever objective you are employing them for, it seems like they are a rudimentary part of it. It is because of their versatile nature.

7 Enhanced Sifting Capability

Titanium mesh baskets have the exceptional capability to sift liquids as well as powders. At Deze, we manufacture them with intricate techniques. Their seamless detailing allows them to sieve matters without effort. 

They are suitable for filtration in petroleum, chemical, marine, and salt industries because of their enhanced sifting capability. 

8 Improved quality

Titanium mesh baskets have improved quality. It is because they get improved attention. Firstly, Titanium meshes are manufactured with great care. Then, these meshes are molded into Titanium mesh baskets, again with great care. It results in the improved quality of Titanium mesh baskets

9 Malleable

Titanium mesh baskets are malleable. They are made through molding Titanium mesh. And they also have the ability to get molded into distinct forms. 

The malleability and flexibility of Titanium mesh baskets allow manufacturers to use them for diversified purposes. 

10 Sustainable Production

The manufacturing process of Titanium mesh baskets is very sustainable. No metal is wasted in the process. And the method is supported through the latest technologies. It never goes heavy on the industry, as its maintenance is undemanding. 

It is the reason many producers opt for this sustainable product. Besides, it is made of Titanium meshes. So, we can consider it a recycled product, which is even more functional than the original product. 

Applications of Titanium mesh baskets

Titanium mesh baskets have found a plethora of applications, especially in the industrial sector. Their cost-effective and versatile nature is the prime reason behind the extensive range of applications, 

Titanium mesh baskets can be employed, 

  • In the petroleum or chemical industries, because of their sieving properties.
  • In seawater filtration, as they show resistance to corrosion caused by seawater.
  • As a catalyst for filtration, especially white Titanium mesh baskets
  • In the marine industry and desalination plants.
  • In the production of various ship parts. Thus helpful for shipbuilding.
  • Distillation and electrolytic processes due to their high anode efficiency.
  • For several non-industrial purposes because of their versatility. 
  • In the salt industry. It is because they have the ability to sieve powders. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Titanium mesh baskets?

As the name suggests, these are baskets made up of Titanium mesh. Suitable for gas and liquid environments, these baskets have two primary components – Titanium mesh and support mesh. You can use these baskets for a variety of industrial purposes. Titanium mesh baskets also feature different shapes, sizes, and surface materials.

What are the applications of Titanium mesh baskets?

Titanium mesh baskets are helpful in various industries. It is an ideal product for sweater filtration due to its resistant nature. Besides, you can also use it in the marine industry and desalination plants. You can also employ it in the petroleum or chemical industry because of its sieving abilities. 

What is Titanium mesh baskets made up of?

Titanium mesh baskets are made up of Titanium mesh and support mesh. At Deze, we use premium Titanium mesh for its production. Generally, we use pure Titanium of grades TA1, TA2, GR1, and GR2. However, Titanium alloys are equally helpful for manufacturing Titanium mesh baskets.

Are Titanium mesh baskets customizable?

Yes, Titanium mesh baskets are customizable. You can personalize their shape, size, or surface type according to your project. At Deze, we offer customization of all forms of Titanium products. You can avail of our OEM services and get your desired configuration of Titanium mesh baskets. 

What are the different types of Titanium mesh baskets?

Titanium mesh baskets are of different types based on their surface and shape. Based on surface type, you can choose between black and white Titanium mesh baskets. However, you have numerous options based on configuration, such as cylindrical, square, rectangular, etc. 

Are Titanium mesh baskets corrosion-resistant?

Yes, Titanium mesh baskets show high corrosion resistance. Under highly corrosive environments, they become even more resistant. It is because of the formation of the protective oxide layer. Due to their corrosion-resistant nature, Titanium mesh baskets are suitable for filtration operations. 

What is the shape of Titanium mesh baskets?

Titanium mesh baskets are available in discrete shapes. You can get cylindrical, square, and rectangular Titanium mesh baskets. Besides, you can also customize its design according to the requirements. At Deze, you can get Titanium mesh baskets of your desired shape by opting for our OEM services. 

Are Titanium mesh baskets durable?

Yes, Titanium mesh baskets are sturdy and durable. They are cost-effective and feature a long service life. It may seem expensive. However, in the long run, its durability pays off its cost. Titanium mesh baskets have long replacement durations, which makes them an ideal product for industrial use. 

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