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Titanium Knitting Mesh

Titanium knitting mesh is our robust, shock-absorbing, versatile product having high mechanical strength and the ability to absorb energy waves. With a low density and non-toxic performance, it is an excellent Titanium product. It is manufactured by a particular weaving process using yarn made of Titanium wires. 

Titanium knitting mesh is used in several different industries. Its prime applications include filtration operations and the automotive industry. 

In the automotive industry, you can employ it in the manufacture of discrete automotive parts. Besides, it is used in medical, aerospace, military, and marine industries. Titanium knitting mesh also finds applications in the electrolytic processes and oil or gas industries.

Along with other high-quality Titanium products, we also provide sturdy and durable Titanium knitting mesh at Deze. We manufacture this mesh with great care and insight to fulfill the requirements of our customers. Our top-notch raw materials and advanced manufacturing technologies help us satisfy our customers.

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Manufacturing Process

Titanium knitting mesh is manufactured by a unique weaving method, not similar to the weaving patterns used for Titanium woven wire mesh’s production.

Usually, a weaving yarn is required for this process. This yarn is round Titanium wire having a specific width and diameter. At Deze, we use Titanium yarn of width φ0.08~φ0.50mm, and the diameter of this wire used is less than equal to φ0.30mm.

This yarn is used to make a multi-stranded braid, which in turn yields Titanium knitting mesh. This multi-stranded braid also comes in another form in which wire and fiber are braided. 

What do we have to offer?

At Deze, like other high-quality Titanium products, we also offer premium-quality Titanium knitting mesh. We proffer a wide range of Titanium knitting mesh with varied specifications. We make sure to provide you with a suitable product. 

At Deze, you can find the following options,

1 Opening Size

Generally, we have three different opening sizes available in Titanium knitting mesh – 2 x 3mm, 4 x 5mm, and 12 x 6mm. However, we can also customize it according to the requirements of our customers. 

Besides, we can also manufacture a small-hole cross arrangement for our customers. In this specific type of opening, the length of the opening hole is uniform throughout, and the width varies. 

2 Materials Used

We use pure Titanium and Titanium alloys for the manufacture of Titanium knitting mesh. We use grades TA1 and TA2 of pure Titanium. For the products made with Titanium alloys, we usually use TA5, TA7, TC1, TC2, TC3, and TC4.

3 Surface Condition

There are two disparate types of Titanium knitting mesh based on its surface condition – flat mesh surface and corrugated mesh surface. We deal in both of them.

You can order any of them, but be specific as the width and depth measurements of both these types are discrete.

4 Width Range

Generally, we offer the following widths,

40mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, and so on.

However, the customization option is always there for our customers.

5 Wire Passing Range

The thread usually used for weaving is 0.20mm – 0.25mm. However, our wire passing range is 0.07mm – 0.55 mm. It allows you to weave multiple strands of yarn together.

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Types of Titanium Knitting Mesh

On the basis of the type of surface

Flattened Titanium Knitting Mesh

This type of mesh has a flat surface. It is manufactured by simply weaving the Titanium wires together. 

Corrugated Titanium Knitting Mesh

This type of mesh has a crimped surface. For the manufacture of corrugated Titanium knitting mesh, a flattened mesh is crimped through machines. Ridges and depths are carved on the mesh to serve disparate purposes. 

Flat Titanium Knitting Mesh

Flat Titanium Knitting Mesh

Corrugated Titanium Knitting Mesh

Corrugated Titanium Knitting Mesh

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What makes Titanium Knitting Mesh so Special?

The wide range of applications makes Titanium knitting mesh so special. It is because of the exceptional properties that you can employ it in numerous projects. 

Let us have a look at the advantages of Titanium knitting mesh and analyze its specifications. 

Advantages of Titanium Knitting Mesh

Titanium knitting mesh offers the following advantages to its customers,

  • cost-effective product for industrial use.
  • high surface area. Thus, it serves its purpose well.
  • withstand harsh environments, such as intolerant industrial settings.
  • Titanium knitting mesh is manufactured by using the latest technologies, so it is a functional product. 

Analysis of Titanium Knitting Mesh

There are several features that are worth mentioning. Some of them are as follows,

1 Shock Absorption and Noise Reduction

Titanium knitting mesh has the ability to absorb shock waves. it also reduces vibration by absorbing the energy waves. 

It is why this mesh is used in automotive industries worldwide. You can use it for three manufacturing shock absorbers. Besides, it can also help in noise reduction. 

2 Anti-wear

Titanium knitting mesh is anti-wear. It means you don’t have to worry about this mesh getting eroded, as it shows resistance to the corroding elements present in its surroundings.

The reason behind this resistance is the protective oxide layer. Titanium forms this layer over its surface as soon as it exposes to air; thus, protecting the surface of the mesh from corrosion. 

3 Versatility

Titanium knitting mesh is a versatile product. You can use it for numerous purposes, such as filtration, automotive projects, shock absorption, noise reduction, and as a shielding device.

The functionality makes it an ideal choice for many industrial and even domestic operations.

4 Resistant Nature

Titanium knitting mesh shows high resistance towards many elements. It also features resistance to seawater, wet chlorine, chlorite, nitric acid, chromic acid, and organic salts. Besides, it is also resistant to metallic salts. 

Titanium knitting mesh is also resistant to corrosion caused by weather/atmospheric conditions. It is why it can withstand harsh environments. 

5 Gauzy Construction

Titanium knitting mesh has a very lightweight construction. Its lightweight makes its application convenient. 

Thin Titanium wires are used as yarn in the weaving process. Consequently, a delicate, lightweight, and highly functional Titanium knitting mesh is obtained. 

6 Exceptional Mechanical Strength

Though Titanium knitting mesh is light in weight, the mechanical strength of this mesh is extraordinary. Its robustness is higher than a lot of heavy metals.

As compared to other sturdy metals, it is similar in strength to steel. It is double-larger than aluminum and 5X larger than magnesium in terms of mechanical toughness. 

7 Flexibility

Flexibility is another perk of Titanium knitting mesh. You can easily mold it in your desired shape and size. You can make filters, automotive parts, sealings, and shielding devices from Titanium knitting mesh

All of these products have different construction, yet the material used for their construction is the same. The flexibility  makes it useful for several industrial operations. 

8 Electrical Properties

In Titanium knitting mesh, a particular weaving process is used. As a result, the metal is inter-connected. This pattern provides an influx of electricity and magnetic flux. That is why the cells of the metal have the ability to change the passage of electricity. 

Due to these electrical properties, you can use Titanium knitting mesh as a shielding device. You can use it for anti-electromagnetic interference and also in electrical products. 

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Applications of Titanium Knitting Mesh

You can use Titanium knitting mesh for many operations. Primarily, Titanium knitting mesh is being used for filtering and manufacturing different parts of the automotive industry. However, you can employ it in other projects, as well.

In Automotive Industries

Due to its shock absorption and noise reduction abilities, you can use Titanium knitting mesh in automotive industries. 

Titanium knitting mesh is suitable for the manufacture of the following components in the automotive industry,

  • Anti-vibration components
  • Sound attenuation components
  • Catalytic converter seals
  • Mesh wraps
  • ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems
  • Bump stops
  • Engine breathers
  • Exhaust clamp gaskets, EGR clamps, and split rings
  • Silencers
  • Exhaust seals and air gap seals
  • Heat-shield Isolators

For Filtering

Titanium knitting mesh can be used for liquid filtration because of its versatile and resistant nature. 

You can use Titanium knitting mesh to produce specific filters or filter elements for the automotive industry. Besides, it can be used for gas-liquid separation, gas-water separation, and oil-water separation.

Titanium Demister is primarily used for separation purposes. You can use Titanium knitting mesh to make Titanium Demister, as it will increase its performance. 

Miscellaneous Uses

Other than these two major applications, Titanium knitting mesh is also used for other purposes, such as, 

  • an ideal mesh product for demanding aerospace applications.
  • You can use this mesh for wildlife enclosures, as it is safe and sturdy.
  •  be used for cleaning purposes in heavy industries, including janitorial, catering, or industrial operations.
  • be utilized for art projects such as sculptures and statues. 
  • In the electrolysis process, such as Chor-alkali, you can use Titanium knitting mesh in the fuel cells. It ensures maximum performance. 
  • also used for marine-based businesses and the military.
  • It also finds application in the medical sector.  Helpful for screening, EMC body scanners, and prosthetics.
  • absorb energy waves and reduce vibration, it is helpful in mining operations. 
  • finds extensive uses in oil and gas industries because of its filtration properties. 
Titanium Knitting Mesh

Titanium Knitting Mesh employed as a filter

Titanium Knitting Mesh Filter for Foam Demister

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Titanium knitting mesh?

Titanium knitting mesh is an entwined mesh made with the help of Titanium wires. These wires are taken in as yarns and entwined in a specific pattern to obtain a resilient, malleable, and functional mesh. Titanium knitting mesh is a corrosion-resistant mesh that can be employed in numerous industrial operations. 

What are the dimensions of Titanium knitting mesh?

Titanium knitting mesh is measured based on several discrete dimensions. You have to examine the wire passing range, the opening size of the mesh holes, the surface condition of the mesh, and the width range of the mesh. At Deze, we offer an extensive range of options for all these dimensions of Titanium knitting mesh. 

What are the benefits of Titanium knitting mesh?

Titanium knitting mesh is an anti-wear, versatile, malleable, flexible, and mechanically robust mesh. It is a cost-effective product, and it can be molded into any shape. You can also customize it according to your requirements. Besides, it is also lightweight, and its application is effortless. 

Is Titanium knitting mesh Customizable?

Yes, Titanium knitting mesh is customizable. You can alter its width, length, or opening size. Besides, you can also choose between the two surface types. Deze makes the customization process further easy with its customer-oriented services. You can provide drawings to get your required product.

Which type of Titanium is used for the manufacture of Titanium knitting mesh?

Pure Titanium and Titanium alloy can be used for the manufacture of Titanium knitting mesh. At Deze, we use both types of Titanium. For pure Titanium, we use grades TA1 and TA2, and for alloys, we use alloys like TA5, TA7, TC1, TC2, TC3, and TC4.

What are the different types of Titanium knitting mesh?

On the basis of surface, there are two types – Flattened and corrugated Titanium knitting mesh. As the name suggests, the former has a flat surface. However, the later type has ridges and crimps over its surface. 

How is Titanium knitting mesh produced?

Titanium knitting mesh is produced by a specific weaving method. Yarns of Titanium wires are used for this process. Titanium wires of particular width and diameter are taken. They are intertwined into a unique pattern. And consequently, it is obtained. 

What are the different names of Titanium knitting mesh?

Titanium knitting mesh has several different names, such as Titanium gas-liquid mesh, Titanium broken foam mesh, and Titanium filter mesh. All these names point towards the same sturdy Titanium knitting mesh.

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