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titanium expansion mesh

titanium expansion mesh

Titanium expanded mesh is a robust, long-lasting, and consistent open grid that allows the passage of light, fluids, and rays while prohibiting unwanted things. it has strong structural integrity as well as durability.

You can employ Titanium expanded mesh in a variety of industrial uses as a building element. Titanium forms a protective oxide barrier that protects the base metal from corrosion in a variety of applications.

We, at Deze Products, have been manufacturing Titanium expanded mesh and titanium mesh-related products for a long time. At Deze Products, we provide this versatile building material in various thicknesses and strands to meet the needs of varied uses and operations.

It also comes in a range of surface options, including raised and flattened/standard surfaces.

Flattened Titanium Expanded Mesh

Flattened Titanium Expanded Mesh

Raised Titanium Expanded Mesh

Raised Titanium Expanded Mesh

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Manufacturing Process


Manufacturing Process

Titanium sheets or coils are used to make Titanium expanded mesh. It’s carved and extended into a metal mesh with regular diamond-shaped holes using an industrial expansion tool.

A cold metal forming process is used to fabricate it. It creates apertures and uniform intervals of different sizes and shapes, allowing air, substances, and sunlight to pass through it.

This material is frequently used during commercial purification and as an electrode for chlorine removal due to its good acidic and alkaline tolerance.

Titanium expanded mesh offers excellent corrosion resistance. Besides, its exceptional protection against oxidation by seawater and highly resilient and durable nature make it preferable. Also, it has an extended life expectancy.

How is it useful for you? 

Sintering, screening, and sorting materials can all be done with Titanium expanded mesh. This metal mesh is commonly used for purifiers, ion exchange membrane electrodes, and other applications due to its properties.

It is also utilized to make filters or protective devices for a variety of commercial uses, including,

  • Kitchenware 
  • Solar power
  • Finalized products 
  • Chemical industry 
  • Natural gas and petroleum industry
  • Car assembling industry 

What do we have to offer?

At Deze, it is offered in numerous grades, with thicknesses ranging from 0.1 to 2 mm and diamond opening dimensions ranging from 1x2mm to 60x100mm.

Titanium expanded mesh is something we both make and sell. As a result of our expertise and experience, we are able to meet a wide range of industrial needs. 

When you buy our goods, you won’t have to hire anybody else to complete the task for you. It increases your efficiency and allows you to save both money and resources.  

We collaborate with our customers closely to ensure optimal product design customization. This collaboration produces reliable solutions with exceptional results. Furthermore, the designs are enhanced through manufacturing, engineering, and technical progress. 

Types of Titanium expanded mesh

Titanium expanded mesh is of several distinct types. Few are mentioned below,

1 Micro Expanded metal  

It is a sort of expanded mesh that differs from other types due to the small mesh area. It is widely used for filtration. 

Micromesh’s properties make it ideal for a wide range of specialized industrial applications, including aviation and battery cells. When using multiple building resources, micromesh is a less costly alternative.

2 Rhomboidal mesh

The most prevalent kind of expanded metal is rhomboidal. Its unique design allows for optimal air and light flow while also providing a pleasing visual look. 

3 Round expanded metal 

Round expanded metal is made by cutting a perforated sheet of Titanium by a round-die cutter. Deze Products offers lightweight, adaptable, cost-effective, and personalized round metal. 

It has the added benefit of avoiding waste during the manufacturing process. 

Perforated titanium sheets are used for numerous applications such as vents, screens, radiators, and dryers. Besides, it is also helpful in the manufacturing of structural elements.

4 Square mesh

Square Mesh is a versatile, premium, and excellently expanding metal mesh that comes with numerous applications. The lengthy diagonal of this mesh is nearly identical to the shorter diagonal.

It’s a cost-effective material for general construction that’s up to 60% lighter than ordinary expanded metal and may be used in numerous industries. 

Square Mesh is a realistic solution to bonded wire mesh because it has no weak connections or welds and may be utilized as a light barrier and separation option. Square Mesh can also be coated with powder or a hot-dip coat to add an attractive appearance and increase security.

5 Hexagonal mesh

Hexagonal Metal mesh has a pleasing appearance and wide opening. It is available in a variety of diameters and opening sizes to meet the requirements of various projects. This sheet is an ideal choice when building indoor space separators or walls.

So the next time you are out looking for quality Titanium expanded mesh that gives you your money’s worth, contact Deze Products, your one-stop shop for all kinds of Titanium expanded meshes!

What makes Titanium Expanded Mesh so Special?

titanium electrodes made from titanium expansion mesh

titanium electrodes made from titanium expansion mesh

The titanium usage in this mesh gives it an extraordinary strength making it durable and sturdy. This mesh is notable for its durability. 

Titanium expanded mesh is particularly useful in industries and engineering operations. It is because of the extreme strength and usefulness they provide. The robustness of the mesh is necessary because industrial processes require the usage of sturdy materials. And Titanium provides this strength. 

So before analyzing the Titanium Expanded mesh, let’s examine the qualities of Titanium used in this mesh and how it attributes to the high quality of this mesh. 

Qualities of Titanium:

The metal used in Titanium expanded mesh is of extremely high quality. It is one of the resilient metals on the earth. Titanium is used for manufacturing this Titanium expanded mesh to elevate the tensile strength of this mesh. In addition to being strong, Titanium is very light in weight. Like every other metal, it also has got a lustrous and shiny surface. 

Titanium is highly resistant to corrosion, and thus Titanium expanded mesh is prevented from erosion. The Ti also has a low density. These all qualities, when summed up, make it one of the finest and stoutest metals. Thus it is used in making Titanium expanded mesh.

titanium electrodes made from titanium expansion mesh

titanium electrodes made from titanium expansion mesh

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Advantages of titanium expanded mesh:

The use of Titanium expanded mesh has many advantages, but a few are listed below:

  • Cost-effective as they are useful in industrial and engineering operations. So the cost-effectiveness makes it an ideal choice for use.
  • The strength of metal gives Titanium expanded mesh the best advantage it has to offer. 
  • They are of the best and highest quality, which is why they are helpful for industrial and domestic projects.
  • Significant tensile and mechanical strength. Besides, its anti-corrosive qualities make it suitable for use in industries.
  • It has extreme versatility and durability in economic aspects.
  • Anti-skid qualities, which makes it suitable to use in industries.
  • Because it is an open mesh, it allows the complete penetration of light, air, heat, and other things like this. It provides necessary open access.

Analysis of Titanium Expanded Mesh:

There are numerous qualities of Titanium expanded mesh that make it the first choice of industries. These are one of the best-used materials in engineering operations. 

They are beneficial for various industries like aerospace and automotive industries. Engineers find them handy due to their notable characteristics like durability and tensile strength. 

In addition to the advantages already mentioned,it has other aspects that make it an ideal option for industrial usages. Let’s explore those aspects in detail below. 

High Strength/Weight Ratio:

They are lighter in weight, yet they have the strength that excels beyond their weight. Many researchers have confirmed the high strength of this Titanium expanded mesh. 

It is all because of Titanium which has more strength than its weight. It has a high ratio of strength to weight. That is why it is a suitable choice for making Titanium expanded mesh. 

Thus the strength embedded in Titanium expanded mesh is due to the high strength to weight ratio. 

Excellent Conductivity:

Titanium has lower resistance towards the flow of electricity. So this makes it an excellent conductor for electricity, heat flow, and thermal flux. 

This property makes the Titanium expanded mesh the best choice for use in fuel cells. So the industries for making batteries and electricity-related products use this Titanium expanded mesh so much because it is a significant part of their projects.

Sustainable Production:

The production method of Titanium expanded mesh is very sustainable and effortless. The use of the latest technology in manufacturing has made it easier and economical. The metal is not wasted in the procedure of manufacturing anymore.

 It does not go heavy on the industry. It is why manufacturers opt for titanium usage in the manufacturing process of expanded mesh. Additionally, they can also use recycled materials in the making of this mesh. Thus it does not cause a burden on the environment as well.

Furthermore, you can reuse the end product, as it is recyclable. Thus the production of waste is minimized. 


Expanded mesh is proven to be very good for providing adhesion, reinforcement strength, and coating. It also has good shaping abilities and can prove as key for this.

These qualities combined make it a strong candidate for usage in nuclear fuel protectors. Thus they are valuable because of their extraordinary nature.

 They also tend to be combined with few other metals as well. This tendency renders them beneficial in contributing towards a finished component.

Light Fantastic:

Titanium has a lustrous surface and has many reactions towards light. It can reflect the light as well as diffuse it. Titanium can also deflect the light, either it is natural or artificial light. Thus Titanium expanded mesh is used in making anti-glare panels of the motorway.

The industries also use this expendable mesh for making architectural facades and solar screens. As the expandable metal has a textured surface, thus it can control the light by different means.


The malleability of Titanium, like all other metals, makes it easier to fabricate Titanium expanded mesh. You can convert Titanium into sheets under high pressure, and the mesh is made from it later.

These are serviceable in the making of stock items. And this is also expanded easily like any other metal.

Extensive Range of Products:

The expandable mesh is used in many shapes to form different products. You can mold it in distinct patterns, such as hexagons, squares, circular, oval, rectangular, and even cylindrical.

The range of size and shape for the expandable mesh is enormous and infinite. The size range can be from 0.3 mm to 6 mm. And the shape range is already described previously. 


It is quite flexible and can be effective for a variety of purposes. It can be shaped, pressed, formed, and welded according to the need of the hour. Thus, it has a high value in the manufacturing processes in various industries.

Biological Properties of Titanium expanded mesh:

Titanium is highly compatible with the tissues of biology, and this compatibility is divided into two categories of cytotoxicity and resistance to corrosion.

It can form an inert oxide layer because of its low conductivity. This layer can bear and cope with the lower pH in the body of humans. He can establish a soft tissue layer around bones and other organizations. A fake layer can be formed around the actual bone. And it helps osteoporosis predictability.

Mechanical Properties of Titanium expanded mesh:

The quality of Titanium expanded mesh is highly affected by porosity and thickness. It has high stiffness and strength, which increases its uses in different industries.

Titanium provides corrosion-free and good support to any material. The hardness of titanium mesh is considerable.

Thermal Properties of Titanium expanded mesh:

The mesh sheets are constantly connected, so it provides an influx of electricity and magnetic flux. The metal cells tend to change the route of passing electricity.

Uses of titanium expanded mesh:

The mesh have extensive uses in industries as well as other fields. They are beneficial in businesses like architectural, industrial, commercial and decoration, etc. 

Uses in Architecture

In architecture, suspended ceilings are made from these expanded meshes. They are a necessary part of ventilation. Because windows and other ventilation outlets use these expanded meshes in structure, other decoration stuff also has this mesh used in them. Thus this is a crucial part of the architectural field. It is also used in screens, walkways, flooring, and bearing grating, etc. Sometimes architects print different images on the mesh screens and use them in extensive decoration. They are extensively used in modern architecture for disparate purposes.

Uses in Construction

They are also a helpful material in the industry of construction. 

In the construction industry, Titanium expanded mesh is used as strips of metal to support the elements like stucco, plaster, and adobe in walls.

Miscellaneous Uses

They are used in the electrode industry for different purposes; also in the manufacture of fuel cells. They also find uses in nuclear pod protectors.

The aerospace and automotive industries also use them for their different properties that are useful for such machines.

They have an unusual use in biology as well. This mesh can form a layer of soft tissue in the body, which is a false bony layer. So it is used in the bone augmentation in the implants made orally. Thus these meshes are also used in Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR).

This mesh is also applicable for security purposes for making barriers that protect houses and your property.

They are used as filter elements and titanium anode in the Chlor-alkali and other chemical industries.

The uses of this mesh in industry and agriculture also include:

  • Ventilation
  • Filtration
  • For laminating the surfaces that drain floors of the farm building
  • Electricity Earthing
  • Making the walkways for the cranes

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Titanium expanded mesh.

What is Titanium expanded mesh?

It is a type of metal mesh made with Titanium sheets or coils. This sturdy and durable mesh is made by treating titanium through several different methods. It is of divergent forms and is used for disparate purposes in the domestic and industrial sectors.

What is the size of Titanium expanded mesh?

The size of mesh is gauged through several different aspects. It includes strand width, sheet size, plate thickness, and size of the opening. At Deze, we offer Titanium expanded mesh with a plate thickness of 01mm-2mm. Similarly, we feature a wide range of mesh with different sizes of opening.

What are the advantages of Titanium expanded mesh?

According to various applications, it has many advantages. It is light and cost-effective. It can endure heavier points loads to specify its strength. It has anti-slip quality, ideal for assist options, such as bending, flatness, etc.

Is Titanium expanded mesh useful for the heavy industry?

Yes, it is serviceable for heavy industry. Heavy-duty Titanium mesh is widely used for shipbuilding, tanker ladders, and heavy machinery. Besides, it is also used in the mining and petroleum industries.

What is Titanium expanded mesh made of?

It is made of Titanium. At Deze, we use high-quality Titanium for the fabrication of Titanium mesh. We use pure titanium TA1 and TA2. Besides, we use titanium alloys like TA5, TA7, TC1, TC2, TC3, and TC4.

What is Titanium expanded mesh used for?

You can use it for a wide range of applications, such as building and architecture. Furthermore, in the agricultural and industrial sector, it is widely used for filtration, ventilation, and protection for hazardous elements. You can also use it as separation media, electrode mesh, and filters.

Is Titanium expanded mesh customizable?

It is available in different sizes and patterns. Each of them has its own applications. All projects require a distinct type of expanded mesh. So based on versatility, it is customizable.

At Deze, you can avail of our OEM services to get your desired pattern .

What is the service-life of Titanium expanded mesh?

It has a long service life of more than 30 years. Its corrosion and oxidation-resistant nature, with its thermostable properties, make it durable.

Which type is used for the manufacture of Titanium expanded mesh?

It can be manufactured with pure Titanium as well as Titanium alloys. Whatever the type of Titanium is, it must be of high quality. It is because the quality of Titanium describes the quality of the Titanium expanded mesh.

What are the different parameters of Titanium expanded mesh?

Different parameters include material, surface type, strand thickness, strand width, opening style, surface treatment, and overall width/length. These parameters decide the size and use of Titanium mesh.

What are the different types of Titanium expanded mesh?

Features several different types based on opening style, such as diamond, round, square, and hexagonal. Similarly, based on the nature of the surface, it can be divided into two types – raised or flattened.

Bottom Line

Titanium expanded mesh is an ideal product for numerous industrial projects. With a wide range of applications, you might need this mesh for your business.

At Deze, we understand the need of the hour. Here we proffer top-notch Titanium products. Similarly, we provide high-quality expanded mesh. We can also customize it according to your desired patterns. We ensure functional products that serve your purpose.

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