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Titanium demister

Titanium demister

Titanium demister is a gas-liquid separation device. Titanium mesh is used for its production, so it is a Titanium mesh product. The prime purpose of Titanium demister is to separate gas from liquid or vice versa during industrial operations. 

Titanium demister is a corrosion, acid/alkali, and high-temperature resistant product. It is light in weight, and the installation process is effortless. Besides, the Titanium demister reduces air pollution and features an extended service life.

Because of its exceptional functionality and characteristics, the Titanium demister is suitable for numerous industries. You can employ it in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, aviation, marine, metallurgy, and light industry.

 It also finds uses in machinery production and the environmental protection industry. 

Deze is dedicated to providing manufacturers with premium Titanium mesh and Titanium mesh products. Titanium demister is one of the widely used Titanium mesh products.

Deze manufactures it by employing high-quality raw materials and the latest technologies. We take the responsibility to proffer heavy industries with functional and robust Titanium demister.

Titanium demister varies in shape, size, thickness, mesh thickness, demister height, wire diameter, mesh density, and filtration rating. 

Titanium demister

 Different Types of Titanium demister

Working Principle of Titanium demister

Titanium demister separates gas and liquid on a specific principle. Industries provide specific conditions to avail the functionality of demister. 

Titanium demister coalesces the liquid droplets by restraining their passage, thus isolating them from the gas. Gas and mist are combined; together they rise through the demister with a certain speed.

The gas passes through the screen of the demister. And liquid droplets adhere to the filament of the screen. 

As the number of mist droplets attached to the filament increases, the collisions among these droplets increase. Consequently, they combine and become too heavy to carry by the gaseous or vaporous steam. These heavy droplets of liquids dribble and gather below to form a pool of liquid.

Gas or vapors are not affected by an obstruction in their path. And they pass through the vapor outlet present on the demister pad. 

Parts of Titanium demister

Titanium demister consists of the following parts, 

  • A filter mesh
  • A support bar

 The support bar further consists of two parts – a grid and a distance rod. 

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Titanium demister

Rectangular Titanium demister

Titanium demister

Ring Titanium demister

Titanium demister

Round Titanium demister

Types of Titanium demister

Titanium demister is of distinct types based on different factors. Few types of Titanium demister available at Deze are,

1. Based On the Shape,

There are four types of Titanium demister based on the shape of demister, 


These demisters are round in shape. However, you can alter their size according to your preferences. These circle-shaped demisters are the most common form of Titanium demisters.


Titanium demisters are also available in a ring shape. They are similar to round demisters in configuration. However, they are hollow from the center, which is the only difference between round Titanium demister and ring Titanium demister


Titanium demisters can also be rectangular. Rectangular demisters have a large surface area compared to round and ring demisters. However, the working principle remains the same.


You can also get Titanium demister customized according to your preferences. Either you can alter the already available shapes of demister or introduce a new configuration. Whatever configuration you are looking for, Deze can manufacture it for you.

Titanium demister

Smooth Titanium demister  

Titanium demister

Wave-like Titanium demister

2. Based On the Appearance,

Titanium demister can look smooth or wave-like in appearance. Each type of appearance gives rise to a novel kind of Titanium demister

Smooth Titanium demister

It is the standard appearance of Titanium demister. It is flat round, rectangle, or ring demister, and it has no crimps on the surface. Besides, it is the most commonly used type of Titanium demister.

Wave-like Titanium demister

As the name suggests, the surface of a wave-like Titanium demister isn’t flat. It has foldings like waves in the water. It has a rippled surface.

3. Based On the Supporting Grid Types,

There are several distinct types of supporting grids used for the manufacture of Titanium demister. Each support grid produces a new and highly functional kind of Titanium demister. Few of them are,

Round Bar Supporting Grid

It is a circle-like supporting grid. Supporting grids are usually made of metals like steel. Round bar supporting grids are an ideal choice for a round or ring Titanium demister

Flat Strip Supporting Grid

Flat strip supporting grids are square-like grids. They are more suitable for rectangular Titanium demisters. 

Round Bar and Flat Strip Supporting Grid

It is the most common type of supporting grid. The bars on the sides of the grid are round in shape. And the strips between these bars are flat. 

What Makes Titanium demister so Special?

Titanium demister is a unique product, and there are several reasons behind its uniqueness. Titanium demister offers few advantages that can be manifested through its analysis. 

Analysis of Titanium demister

Here is the detailed analysis of the Titanium demister that will help you understand its advantages and applications.

1 Resistant nature

Titanium demister features a resistant nature. It shows resistance to every agent that causes damage, and its resistant nature leads to extended service life. 

In the air, the most common damage-causing agent is oxygen, followed by mist. Similarly, in water, dissolved oxygen and moisture causes the metals to erode. However, Titanium demister is not affected by these agents. 

When a Titanium demister is exposed to such agents, the anti-corrosion nature of Titanium is activated. Titanium is very stable in such environments. And it has a great affinity towards oxygen. 

Titanium reacts with oxygen and forms an inert oxide layer, which is dense. It covers the surface of the demister and prevents it from further damage. If this layer is removed or damaged due to some reason, it revives quickly, thus protecting Titanium demister from corrosion. 

The Titanium also shows resistance to organic acids, including dilute sulfuric acid and HCl. Besides, it is also resistant to damage caused by chlorine gas or chloride solutions. All these properties make it a suitable choice for gas-liquid separation. 

2 Robust Structure

Titanium demister has a robust structure; it is because of the strength of Titanium. Titanium is a sturdy metal. It is as strong as steel, and Titanium is twice as strong as aluminum. 

Furthermore, pure grades of Titanium feature a tensile strength of 434MPa. This exceptional strength is the reason Titanium demister is successfully employed in heavy industries.

3 Lightweight

Titanium demister is very light in weight. Though it features high strength, it is comparatively lightweight. Generally, it is assumed that sturdy metals are heavy and difficult to maintain. However, Titanium nullifies this misconception. 

As mentioned, Titanium has high strength than steel and aluminum. Nevertheless, Titanium is lighter in weight than both of these metals. Titanium is 45% lighter than steel. And as compared to the double-strength, Titanium is only 60% heavier than aluminum. 

4 Customizable

Titanium demister is customizable, and you can get it manufactured according to your preferences. You can alter its shape, its supporting grid type, and its configuration. 

Titanium is malleable and flexible. It is why you can mold it in distinct shapes. The customization of Titanium demister is the reason it is suitable for so many applications. 

5 Long Service Life

Titanium demister has a long service life. It is because Titanium is a durable metal and resistant to bending or scratching. The molecules of Titanium have a specific stone setting, which prevents them from loosening.

Titanium demister is a durable Titanium mesh product. You don’t have to replace it too often.

6 Efficient

Titanium demister is a highly efficient product. It serves its purpose well. Titanium demister works on a specific principle and separates gas from liquid. 

The gas separated through Titanium demister is free of any liquid droplets. It is because of the highly accurate functioning of this demister. Industries are always looking for efficient and functional products, so Titanium demister is a blessing in disguise for industrial projects.

Titanium demister features a capture efficiency of 98 – 99.8%. It is for particles of size greater than equal to 3~5µm. Besides, the pressure drop of gas when it passes through the demister is only 250 – 500Pa. Both of these numeric values highlight the efficiency of Titanium demister.

7 Effortless Installation and Operation

The installation process of the Titanium demister is effortless. It is light in weight and easy to handle, which makes it portable. You can easily adjust it in industrial environments. We deliver large demisters in parts, which are easy to install and transport. 

Besides, Titanium demisters are easy to operate. They don’t require any special maintenance or service. The replacement duration of the Titanium demister is also considerably long. 

8 Cost-effective

Titanium demister is a cost-effective product. It functions so smoothly that your price is worth it. 

At Deze, we use premium raw materials for its production. We assure you, your investment is not pointless. Because of its durability, resistant structure, and efficient working, Titanium demister serves extended periods compared to other Titanium mesh products. 

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Applications of Titanium demister

Titanium demister finds a lot of applications in the industrial sector. 

Gas-Liquid Separation

It is the prime application of Titanium demister and helps in,

  • Reducing the loss of valuable chemicals, as it is serviceable in absorption and regeneration towers. 
  • Increasing the purity of the products.
  • Minimizing contamination
  • Reducing industrial pollution

Other Industries

Titanium demister is widely used in other industries, such as,

  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Light industry
  • Environmental protection industry
  • Water-treatment industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Metallurgy
  • Machinery production industry
  • Construction industry
  • Sulfuric acid industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Marine industry

Employment of Titanium demister

Demisters are helpful in any process which involves the separation of gas and liquid. You can employ Titanium demister in,

  • Evaporators
  • Refining vacuum towers
  • Steam drums
  • Absorbers
  • Scrubbers
  • Separator vessels
  • Knock out drums

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Titanium demister?

Titanium demister is a gas-liquid separation device made up of Titanium mesh. It consists of a mesh and a separation bar, and it separates liquid droplets from gas. And it is widely used for industrial operations. 

What is the size of a Titanium demister?

The size of the Titanium demister varies. You can get a small size Titanium demister, or you can also opt for a large one. Besides, you can also customize the size according to your preference. 

What are the advantages of Titanium demister?

Titanium demister is an efficient gadget. It is highly functional. Besides, the Titanium demister is corrosion-resistant, durable, and requires low maintenance. Also, it has a robust structure and features a lightweight design.

What is Titanium demister made up of?

Titanium demister is made up of Titanium mesh and a support bar. Support grid used in the production of Titanium demister is of different configurations. 

Is Titanium demister customizable?

Yes, Titanium demister is customizable. You can decide among several configurations and supporting grid options. Besides, if you have any special requirements, you can avail OEM services of Deze. 

What are the different types of Titanium demister?

Based on the shape, Titanium demisters are of three types – ring, round, and rectangular. There are two types based on appearance. Similarly, Titanium demister proffers three different kinds of support grids. Furthermore, you can also personalize it.

Does Titanium demister corrode?

No, Titanium demister is corrosion resistant. It is because of the exceptional features of Titanium. Titanium forms an inert oxide layer over the surface of the demister, which protects it from corrosion. 

Which parameters should you consider while buying a Titanium demister?

You can consider the shape of the demister, the appearance of the demister. The structure of the supporting grid of Titanium demister also varies.

How does the Titanium demister work?

Titanium demister works on a particular principle. It allows the gas to rise, blocking the path of liquid droplets. As these droplets gather on the screen, they combine, their weight increase, and they gather down. 

Which grades of Titanium are used for the manufacture of Titanium demister?

Usually, pure Titanium of grade TA1 and TA2 are used for the production of Titanium demister

Is Titanium demister durable?

Yes, Titanium demister has a long service life. It is resistant to damage, bedding, and scratching. Besides, it does not require any maintenance. It is why Titanium demister is durable. 

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