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Titanium BBQ mesh

Titanium BBQ mesh

Titanium BBQ mesh is a portable and non-toxic Titanium mesh and you can manufacture it by weaving and welding Titanium wires. Titanium BBQ mesh has exceptional strength, corrosion-resistant nature, and a lightweight structure.

Titanium BBQ mesh is the evident product that Titanium features diverse applications. Besides being helpful in the industrial sector, Titanium products are equally serviceable for domestic purposes. 

Titanium BBQ mesh is primarily employed for cooking purposes. You can grill all kinds of meat and vegetables on this mesh. Besides, it is of great help for restaurants. Also, it is a great camping and travel partner.

At Deze, we have been manufacturing high-quality Titanium BBQ mesh for years. And we have been successful in providing our clients their desired products. We offer numerous types of Titanium BBQ mesh. You can also avail yourself of our OEM services.

Titanium BBQ mesh is available in different types based on the configuration, size, kind, and mesh expansion.

Titanium BBQ Mesh

Ultralight Titanium BBQ Mesh

Titanium BBQ Mesh

Titanium BBQ Mesh Cooking Shrimps

Manufacturing Process of Titanium BBQ Mesh

BBQ mesh is one of the rudimentary kitchen gadgets. As it is directly related to food, you need to make sure the manufacturing process of BBQ mesh is hygienic. And the materials used in its production are food grade.

Titanium is an ideal option for the fabrication of BBQ mesh. It is because of the non-toxic nature of Titanium. Besides BBQ mesh, this metal can be used to manufacture numerous other BBQ tools. Titanium BBQ mesh is very common and is preferred by a lot of users. 

The process of fabricating Titanium BBQ mesh need intricate skills. To obtain a smooth and functional Titanium BBQ mesh, you have to move step by step. The process is demanding and seeks attention from the manufacturer.

First, you have to go through the process of wire drawing. After that, you have to weave the Titanium wires according to a particular pattern. And then finally, you have to weld the wires to give it a perfect finishing.

The quality of the Titanium BBQ mesh depends directly on the devotion that you give to the manufacturing process.

What Do We Have To Offer?

Deze has been offering high-quality Titanium mesh and Titanium mesh products for years. Though our concern is industrial products’ production, Titanium BBQ mesh is one of our domestic products.

We have expertise in this particular field. And we aim to provide our customers with the best quality products. Titanium BBQ mesh is available in diversified forms. We manufacture a number of distinct types of Titanium BBQ mesh

Other than that, we can also customize it for you. We know very well that cooking needs vary from kitchen to kitchen. You might not be looking for the BBQ mesh that your neighbors use. Whatever configurations of Titanium BBQ mesh you are looking for and unable to find, we can personalize it for you.

At Deze, Titanium BBQ mesh is available with the following specifications.


Different shapes of Titanium BBQ mesh are employed in discrete applications. We manufacture Titanium BBQ mesh in round, square, and rectangular shapes to suit the requirements of our clients. If you are not satisfied with these configurations, we can also customize them.


The diameter of the Titanium BBQ mesh tells you about its size. At Deze, you can find an extensive range of products varying in diameter. Most common diameters are 230mm, 240mm, 260mm, 270mm, 280mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, and 500mm.

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Types of Titanium BBQ Mesh

Titanium BBQ mesh has numerous types, which makes it a versatile product. Based on its parameters, we manufacture several kinds of Titanium BBQ mesh. Some of these types are below,

Based On Shape

Titanium BBQ mesh can have different shoes. It can be round, square, or triangular. Also, you can alter the configuration according to your preferences. 

Every configuration has its uses. You have to decide which shape is best for you. Generally, it depends on the structure of your stove or the applications in which you are going to employ this BBQ mesh. 

Based On Mesh Type

Titanium BBQ mesh may also differ based on the mesh type. You can make Titanium BBQ mesh from woven mesh, expanded mesh, and also several other types.

At Deze, we are pro in developing high-quality Titanium meshes. So, we never compromise on the quality of the mesh. Whatever mesh type you are opting for, you will get desired quality.

Based On Expanse

Titanium BBQ mesh also varies in size and expansion, and you can select amongst a wide range of diameters. Diameter options are available at Deze range from 230mm to 500mm. 

Titanium BBQ mesh has discrete expansions. You can get a one-layered or double-layered BBQ mesh based on your requirements. 

Titanium BBQ mesh

Round Titanium BBQ mesh

Titanium BBQ mesh

Rectangular Titanium BBQ mesh   

What Makes Titanium BBQ Mesh So Special?

Titanium BBQ mesh is unique compared to other Titanium products because of its extensive applications. It is helpful for cooking. Besides, it has got all its exceptional qualities from the metal Titanium.

You can also manufacture BBQ mesh from other metals. However, Titanium is an ideal choice for BBQ mesh because of its characteristics.

Advantages of Titanium BBQ Mesh

Opting for Titanium BBQ mesh gives you a lot of advantages. It is because of the benefits that people prefer it over other metal BBQ meshes.

  • Titanium BBQ meshis lightweight and flat, which makes it easy to carry.
  • Titanium BBQ meshis non-toxic. 
  • It is a versatile product. You can use it for multiple purposes.
  • Titanium BBQ meshis a cost-effective product. Other metal meshes are comparatively expensive.
  • Titanium BBQ meshserves for an extended period because of its durable nature.
  • You can get Titanium BBQ meshin distinct forms. Besides, you can also customize it. 

Analysis of Titanium BBQ Mesh

Here is the detailed analysis of Titanium BBQ mesh to give you a deeper insight into our product,


Titanium BBQ mesh is a highly portable product. And it is because of its lightweight design. You can effortlessly carry it to any of your desired places. Besides, its structure and size are designed in such a way that it suits your requirements. 

Steel BBQ mesh is usually too heavy to carry. So for the people who enjoy arranging BBQ parties in forests and distant areas, Titanium BBQ mesh is an ideal choice.

Exceptional Strength and Weight

Titanium BBQ mesh is exceptionally light in weight and sturdy in nature. Similar BBQ mesh made of steel is double in weight. 

Though light in weight, Titanium BBQ mesh is greater in strength. When compared to steel, Titanium is the same in strength and 45% lighter in weight. 

Both these factors make Titanium the ultimate choice for meshes. 

Non-toxic Nature

Titanium BBQ mesh carries a non-toxic nature. It is because of the inert nature of their constituent metal Titanium. Titanium is a non-toxic metal and is used for the production of cookware worldwide. It is because it doesn’t affect the taste of the food.

When Titanium is heated, it doesn’t leach into your food. It never contaminates your food. It is considered to be one of the healthiest metals for cooking.

Serviceable Design

Titanium BBQ mesh is designed in such a way that it is easy to carry and maintain. You don’t have to put in extra effort to use it. You don’t even need to pack fuel with Titanium BBQ mesh. You can start a fire with the help of twigs and grass. Titanium BBQ mesh doesn’t require any particular fuel type.

Resistant Nature

Titanium is resistant to high temperatures and acid degradation. It is why Titanium BBQ mesh is safe for cooking purposes. Titanium is a stable metal and doesn’t pollute your food. 

Titanium is also resistant to damage. It forms a protective oxide layer against corrosion-causing agents and prevents the mesh from damage. Consequently, Titanium BBQ mesh is durable. It serves for an extended period compared to other metal meshes.


Titanium BBQ mesh is a customizable product. It is why this mesh is available in an extensive range of products.

You can alter the configuration, mesh type, and other parameters of Titanium BBQ mesh. You can also provide us with specific drawings, and we can fabricate that particular type of Titanium BBQ mesh. You can avail of the OEM services of Deze.

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